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How to add years to your life

Contributor Bert Mandelbaum, from US News Health explains how 30 minutes of light exercise can payoff in a longer and healther life. read more The Key to a Longer Life: Exercise More

A study that was recently published in The American Journal of Epidemiology aimed to answer that question with somewhat of a simple formula that just about everyone can work with: Replace 30 minutes of the time you spend sitting every day with 30 minutes of light exercise. The payoff, according to the study? About a 17 percent lower risk of dying early. And if a reduced risk of premature death wasn’t enough, the study found even more good news. Increasing that exercise intensity from light to oderate or vigorous intensity lowered the risk of early death to 35 percent. The bottom line is this: Moving more does a body good.

U.S.News Health Author Dr. Bert Mandelbaum