February 23 Every Year

Most February’s I remember this was the month my father passed away it draws my mind to remember what I can about him and about that time in my family, so I am writing down a few salient memories so that I don’t forget My father passed away exactly 60 years ago on the 23rd […]

How to Beat Creative Blocks – Mindful

It’s Monday afternoon and maybe that second cup of coffee isn’t getting your brain geared quite the way you expected it to (although maybe another three will be okay, according to a Harvard neuroscientist.) When you’ve hit a wall at work, this video from New York Magazine’s Science of Us suggests it’s time to go into tinker-mode. Research […]

Climate Change: A Faceless Villain – Mindful

If only global warming were caused by ISIS declaring a “weather war” on the west, perhaps by gleefully releasing 18 tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every day and gloating when droughts, deluges, heat waves, killer storms, wildfires, or floods ensued. That might incite more people to get upset about it.   In fact, […]